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Terre Brune Photo gallery

Looking at the puzzle of changing colours, orderly agricultural traces and natural disorderly perfection relaxes the mind.

The old Tuscan-style stone house

Podere di Sano, the main farm house at Terre Brune Farm, is an example of agricultural house building in the Maremma style specifically from the Manciano area (a city in the province of Grosseto in Tuscany ) dating back the 19th century:

Casaletto del Pagliaio - the haystack guesthouse

It is a small house located on the farm built in accordance with the agricultural house building style of the Maremma area.

Casaletto del Pagliaio is an example of sustainable house building techniques and use of ecological materials, have a low electrical conductivity, no radioactivity, they come from renewable or recyclable resources and they are biodegradable.


Everything is done in order to preserve the exceptional biodiversity’, in line with the rhythm and ways of nature.

Thank God they are here; tree-frogs, salamanders, tortoises, snakes…their presence confirms that the environment is well-preserved and vibrant with life.


Forest-type habitats, giant trees, rupicolous and ruderal biotopes, lawns-grazing land, olive groves, springs and rivers: a wide variety of species, blossoming flowers and ever changing colours.

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