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Terre Brune Restaurant Green Procurement

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Green Procurement is based on environmental and fair-trade procedures for purchasing and supply of basic ingredients; in other words the products that are selected are better for human health and the environment compared to other products used for the same purpose. Buying green means buying a product bearing in mind the impact on the environment that it can have in its life cycle, from the manufacturing to waste disposal. This is one of the most effective ways to put in place strategies for sustainable development.

Green Procurement basically means buying basic ingredients which are used in the restaurant from local farms which grow organic food and those , like us, who are part of the Slowfood Sector. Therefore we not only have a 0 km supply policy but we also contribute towards the sustainability of local agricultural produce unlike big distribution chains.

Green Procurement on an international scale was originally promoted and implemented by the OECD. EPE (Environmental Partner for the Environment) and ICLEI (International Council for Environment Initiative) have given excellent guidelines regarding the Producer and Consumer concept.

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