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Who we are

Terre Brune Farm was created by a group of friends who share an unconditional love for nature. Each member of this group is actively involved or works to protect and preserve green areas and the artistic heritage; they are committed to promoting cultural projects on an international level.

giunsero ai luoghi sereni e al verde ridente dei boschi fortunati e alle sedi dei beati. Qui un cielo più disteso riveste i campi di luce purpurea e quanti vi abitano conoscono un loro sole e proprie stelle.

Virgil’s Aeneid, VI 638 sgg


These are the grounds which played and important role in the making of a general joint plan to give the farm a complete make-over, availing of the marvelous natural landscape.

Experience Terre Brune Farm

To experience Terre Brune Farm means being at close contact with that part of nature that it is more and more difficult to find.

It is an look into the past in a world interested in the present. It shows how we would like the future for our kids to be, simple and healthy. That is the reason why Terre Brune Farm has created some large common areas where you can enjoy your time with other people with the crackling of the fire burning in the background or where you can read a book in peace and quiet on the veranda taking

your eyes off the pages now and again to admire the sunset.
Terre Brune Farm is a place for lovers and also for families and friends, for those who love to discover things and appreciate good food, for those who look at the philosophical side of life and for those who simply love travelling. But above all it is the canvas and the colours that everyone can use to paint a special moment of their life.

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